African Pride

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African pride: consciousness of one’s own dignity as an African person*.

However, such a pride is alarmingly scarce. Africans (black people everywhere) are so ignorant of their history and not the diluted version taught in schools, I mean true African history that,  the slightest audacious display of African pride is shot down with accusations of extremism, or pseudo-history. The black-skinned people of this world for centuries has been subjugated to inferior or second-rate treatment by Europeans who do not even think us worthy enough to occupy space on this earth much less to have a sense of history.

Well, what must be  stated and restated is not only should we have a sense of history but that, we do have a History and when you start delving into the rich  cultural, spiritual, philosophical, astronomical, agricultural, artistic, engineering and medical history that is ours you will not only feel a sense of pride but you will walk 2 feet taller (Yes! our history is that vast and wondrous). When you know about the history and know who were our ancestors i.e Imhotep-Father of medicine (not Hippocrates), and that the black race has been on the earth for millenia ,one will start to see that African peoples are not meant to live in the shadow of no race.

The pride in our history should come with no apologies. Because one is aware of their heritage and their ancestors pioneering contributions to the human race, this premise is hardly dependant upon an inferior perception of other races. In fact, it is the exact opposite.

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We have been lost for so long, to the point that we allowed another race to dictate our future, our present and our past, to the point of abject slavery and cultural robbery,all with our consent. It’s time for Africans to wake up from their historical and cultural amnesia and commence to move with the greatness they possess.



Suggested Authors:

Runoko Rashidi

Ivan Van Sertima

Josef  Ben-Jochannan


 * Definition taken from the Oxford dictionary for Pride with the adjusted definiton for African Pride made by me.


Mind Control: Science Fiction or Present Day Phenomena

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We all  have wish at some point in our lives that we had the ability to make people do what we wanted them to do. The Jedi mind trick if you will. But what if the idea of mind control was not just science fiction or hocus pocus but a real ability, a real possiblity.

While the human mind is still shrouded under dark clouds of mysteries and unknown capabilities, scientists do know that the body and the human mind is made up of eletrical pulses; and what is thought but firing electrical pulse leaving one synapse only to be accepted by another.

Armed with this information, scientists has even pin pointed specific frequencies that the mind operates on.

This intrument known as HAARP has many functions among them weather manipulation and behavior modification based upon frequencies in the brain.

Sounds crazy? check out this link…

Soon we all will need to put foil paper over our heads to keep the noise out (lol!)

You vs. You

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Are we our worst enemy or our best frenemy? Why is it so hard for us to achieve happiness? According to Socrates, wherever pain flows, pleasure will not be too far behind. Then why is this principle slow to be applicable to misery and happiness?

It is true that we can experience long seasons of misery interrupted with staccatos of happiness, but does it have to be this way? For me the answer is a resounding NO!, we all deserve long seasons of happiness. So what’s preventing us from getting this happiness that we got comin’? Us, we are preventing our own happiness.

It is a painful truth, but ultimately it is us, you, me who have to find, capture, seize and hold onto happiness. Indeed, we can create a laundry list of people or things and even places that prevents this happiness from manifesting itself. But these are just hurdles… some can be pushed out of the way or jumped over, while others will no doubt take a little bit more muscle and will power.

A key example, would be the woman who overcame an abusive husband after years of suffering, with no money, no home to call her own and a scared crying little child clinging to her breast for security. At first her circumstances appeared grim, but by her sheer will for survival and a determination to find the happiness that was denied her all these years, she managed to start a new life, One with happiness on the agenda.

But then there are those less extreme cases. One might call it misery  or pitiful; persons ‘stuck’ in a job that they find dissatisfying. Why don’t they just quit? Yeah, yeah there is that little problem of the pension or age or whatever the case might be, but isn’t Happiness far more precious than any earthly false sense of security.

So the question is, would you prefer poverty and true unwavering happiness or wealth and long standing misery?

And just for the record, who ever said we can’t have our cake and eat it too!

According to P. Swain Fuller, we are only curtailed by the boundaries we set for ourselves. For instance, instead of saying I just want to buy a house why not say I want a mansion, or for that matter, I want a mansion on the moon! sounds ridiculous? Why? with the new technology boom we’re living anything is possible. I mean who would ever think that a TV would fit in the palm of your hand.

This question about Happiness is an old one. The Buddhists believe that it is desire that attaches us to this world and thus cause us misery. While some school of psychology believe it is a struggle from with in. The Ideal Self vs. the Actual Self.

To find happiness you need look no further but in the mirror.

Admittedly, the journey for happiness for most has been and is long and arduous with trips landing in spouse-ville, career-ville, child-ville and glamourville etc.

But ultimately, the search will be over where it began—- with you.






Hello world!

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